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Toby's Pedigree Info

 GOLD Medalist 2015 National - Herr Lother Quoll SV

SILVER Medalist 2014 National - J Stiegler SV

Victorian State Sieger, March 2015

NSW State Sieger, July 2014

SG 20 Intermediate Class Sieger German show 2011


Toby at the seiger show! Click on link above..

Toby's father, is Wegas vom Fichtenschlag SG3JHKL, he is from Vegas du Haut Mansard, twice German seiger. His mother is the VA female Tiana vom Fichtenschlag, herself from two VA parents and she is the litter sister to dam of the twice and 2012 German Seiger Remo von Fichtenschlag.


Toby's mother is Grace de Cuatro Flores, she has produced the 2011 VA 7 and VA6 in 2012 female Wendy von der Trophe. Grace is from VA Orbit von Huhnegrab and Daggi De Cuatro Flores who is a litter sister to the VA3 Dux de Cuatro Flores. Daggi has produced VA Jana Plassenburg and the VA2 Alisha Eichenplatz who produced the 2011 German Seigerien VA1 Jaci von Eichenplatz.


Toby was selected not only for his own excellent type, demonstrated in having already had a creditable show record in Germany to date, but also for his excellent and modern pedigree. Not only on the father line, but also for the excellent dam lines he carries on both sides of his pedigree, and for the degree of predictibility this will bring to any breeding program.




Wegas vom Fichtenschlag Grace de Cuatro Flores
Vegas du Haut Mansard Tiana vom Fichtenschlag Orbit vom Hühnegrab Daggi de Cuatro Flores

Toby obtained his Korung and his SchH3 at the age of 2 years, in Germany.


 In relation to soundness, "Toby" is A (NORMAL) for Hips and ED (NORMAL) for Elbows, and has been tested for Degenerative Myelopathy with a CLEAR result!




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