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 At the 2013 National "Toby" presented his First Progeny group, with 13 placed on the pegs! 

At the 2014 National "Toby" presented his Second Progeny Group, with 14 animals placed on the pegs! Toby had the most progeny on the pegs at this National than any other sire at the show! 

At the 2015 National "Toby" presented his third progeny group, with 12 Animals on the pegs including 3 opens placed on the pegs and a further 6 progeny placed were from Toby sons!!

At the 2016 National, "Toby" presented his Fourth group, with 7 animals on the pegs. At this show, National Council described his group of "being of such high quality", he has now produced 46 animals that have been placed in the top 10 at 4 Nationals! Every year, he has produced at least one class winner every National!





* Zandrac The Hard Way "A" "Z" 1st Junior Dog, 2014 National
*Bossface Barack "A" "Z"
1st Intermediate Dog, 2016 National
*Kuirau Casey Stoner "A" "Z" 1st Junior Dog & Reserve Challenge Dog, Newcastle GSDC March 2014
2nd Intermediate Dog, 2014 National
1st Intermedaite Dog VGM NSW State Breed 20i4
*Schaeferhund Xasko "A" "Z"
*Vonpeta Yougottabe Kidding "A" "Z" 2nd Junior Dog, 2014 National
*Schaeferhund Xesko "A" "Z"
Vladimir Justa Flirt "A" "Z"
2nd Junior Bitch, 2016 National
Lawine Takiera
1st Puppy Bitch, June GSDL show 2016
Zandrac I Could Fly
- 1st Baby Dog GSDL June show 2013
* Albata Havanna "A "Z"
- 1st Puppy Bitch June GSDL show 2013
- 1st Junior Bitch Oct ACT show 2013
-1st Junior Bitch Oct GSDL show 2013
1st Junior Bitch Nov Vic Show 2013
-3rd Intermediate Bitch, 2014 National
*Bossface Barack "A" "Z"
1st Intermediate Dog, June 2016 GSDL show
*Schaeferhund Xeena "A" "Z"
Kuirau Chakira "A" "Z" 1st Intermediate Bitch Graded VGM NSW State Breed Show July 2014
Durnstein Glitz N Glamour "A" "Z"- 2nd Puppy Bitch NSW State Breed Show 2014
*Schaeferhund Xitta "A" "Z"
Schneeburg Cosi Dolce 1st Puppy Bitch, NSW State Breed show July 2014
Khanique Gracie 1st Minor Bitch State Breed Show June 2014
Kuirau Chakira "A" "Z"
- 2nd Minor Bitch 2013 National
- 1st Minor Bitch Newcastle June 2013
- 1st Junior GSDL Dec 2013
Bluemax Stevie "A" "Z"
- 3rd Baby Bitch March 2013 Newcastle
- 1st Minor Bitch, F Christensen Qld GSDC July 2013
- 1st Minor Bitch, V Tantaro QLD GSDC July 2013
Bossface Kyri
1st Baby Bitch, GSDL June show 2016
Kuirau Casey Stoner "A "Z"
- 2nd Minor Dog 2013 National
- 1st Minor Dog June GSDL Show 2013
- 1st Junior Dog, GSDL Oct 2013
- 1st Junior Dog, GSDL Dec 2013
-1st Junior Dog GSDL 2013
Schaeferhund Xasko "A" "Z" Puppy Dog Winner National 2013
- 1st Junior Dog ACT 2013
- 1st Junior Dog ACT 2013
Khanique Gracie "A" "Z" 2nd Junior Bitch GSDL 2014
Zandrac the Hard Way
- 3rd Baby Dog 2013 National
Vonpeta Ugottbekidding "A" "Z"
- 2nd Baby Dog 2013 National
- 2nd Puppy Dog Vic 2013
- 1st Puppy Dog Vic Nov 2013
Schaferhund Xeena "A" "Z"
- 1st Minor Bitch March Vic Show 2013
- 3rd Puppy Bitch 2013 National


Contact Details
Dr R Zammit and JL Carroll
Vineyard, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0412980580
Email : [email protected]

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